Bible Study

Sunday School – Sunday Mornings 9am

Come and enjoy Bible training for all ages. The sessions evolve around an intense study of the Bible from the Old Testament to the New Testament. The teachers engage each of their students in creative and effective ways to understand the scriptures.



Young People Willing Worker (YPWW)- Sundays 6pm

YPWW addresses biblical solutions for today’s issues. This class is both for the adults as well as for the youth. You will definitely learn through discussion how to build a solid foundation and strengthen your Christian life.


Prayer and Bible Band- Tuesdays 6pm

This unique class helps you through weekly devotion and prayer the biblical principles through both character and concept study. You will study the word of God in a way that is practical and profitable to the soul.


How to Grow into a Mature Christian-Thursdays 6:30pm

This a new and exciting class for the Christian who want to know about ministry, serving, outreach and giving. You will be able to apply the fast and easy principals that will help to grow and mature in Christ. Don’t miss this class!